The TECGAR brand is an outdoor sports brand that originated from the United States and was founded in Hong Kong in 1999. It has also developed into one of the best outdoor sportswear brands today. This original brand respects the independent design, has its own large-scale production plant and has a solid foundation. Rich international vision and many years of experience in cooperation with well-known international brands make TECGAR’s products unique and deeply loved by consumers. Currently, it has many physical stores in Guangzhou, Dalian and Hong Kong.

TECGAR pursues design concepts that are synchronized with the world’s fashion trends, respects innovation and comfortable design, and is committed to consumer groups who love urban life, sports, and outdoor adventures. TECGAR is just like its name. , Fascinating and colorful, so that consumers will continue to surprise and love it. TECGAR has also added children’s clothing series starting in 2021. TECGAR (Deng Kai Rui) truly has one piece of clothing in hand, without worrying about warmth and fashion. Based on the long-standing brand experience, we are constantly dialysis of the essence of TECGAR (Deng Kai Rui): the English name of the brand is the abbreviation of TECHNICAL GARMENT, which means functional clothing, which implies that the product is based on functional clothing!

TECGAR is the homonym of the word TIGER. Tiger is the king of the forest. It is an animal that wanders outdoors for a long time. It is a representative of the strong. It implies that the brand’s clothing is powerful in function and design, tailoring, handwork, and texture. It is very professional. It has both functions and a stylish appearance to provide high-quality brand value. Just like the tiger in the jungle, it stands as the king of the forest and courageously leads the leader of outdoor brands.